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RoggoAF Photography Studio is an experienced food photographer, specializes in food and product  photography. 

Recognized as one of Miami's best food photographer and he's been helping South Florida restaurants get new and returning customers. He's one of Miami's Famous food photographers, near you. 

 A Chef who loves photography! 

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About RoggoAF

Roggo, is the Owner/Photographer/Art Director of RoggoAF Photography Studio, based in Miami.


The evolution into commercial photography began with his previous career as a Chef & Restaurateur.


The transition from the Entrepreneurial Chef to the Camera came from a desire to have his own brand represented in a stylized and provocative way.


Rodrigo shoots with one philosophical approach which is to capture his subject in its most natural and beautiful way.


Rodrigo is a committed, passionate and experienced commercial photographer.

Photography services 

More than 1000 clients in 10 years of service 

The Plan You Need

All clients have different needs and budgets. Whatever your need or your budget, the possibilities of competing in today's market demand a powerful image. Your product must attract attention and remain in the observer's memory. Your product deserves the care of a professional. Like good jewelry, your product deserves to be desired.




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All kind of products

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RoggoAF Photography Studio is a Miami-Based Food Photographer.


Miami Food Photographer

RoggoAF Photography Studio

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